Norman D. Chula
Doris Reid Chula


Class of 1955

Ron Graves and Jeanne

Class of 1956

Pete Britt and Swiss
Barbara Glynn Leavy and Mike
Mike League
Walt Lowrey and Ruby


Class of 1957

Tish Britt Douglas
Lee Brubaker
Gayle Dover
Mike Stoll and Sarah
R. Marshall Wilson and Toni


Class of 1958

Gudrun Clem Blackmon
Bill Day and Sue
Karen Eversmeyer Skinner and Gordon
Linda Gilbert Smith
Kay Kintner Caldwell and Bob
Marsha Thompson Fancher
Dianna Vaughan Herriott


Class of 1959

Mike Church and Pat
Carol Krueger Holben


Class of 1960

Linda Frassrand Quinn and Dan
Pat Green
Jim Herriott
Judy Holdsworth Scott and Boo
Gene Nettles and Nancy
Aubrey White and Shirley


Class of 1961

Nolie San Luis Rife and Bill
Ron Weisbrod and Sheila


Class of 1962

Luanne Begley Williams and Eric
Bud Flette
Clark Grundler
George Hall
Susie Huber Lowry
Judy Nadeau Cuoco and Dan
Pat O'Brien
Cathy Rodgers
Vicki Saurbaugh Guenther and Ronnie
Mickey Stam
Dave Thatcher
Hurley Wilvert and Brenda
Tom Ziemba and Ann


Class of 1963

Jack Onstott and Claudia Van Deusen
Jud Spence


Class of 1964

Steve Conger and Paula
Teensy Creighton Weldon
Peggy Kane Lemons
Linda Kay Kisiel
Ginny Pollard Pilzer and Art
Gloria Porter Mitton and Jack
Pat Spence
Chuck Wise and Linda


Class of 1965

Len Ascough and Judy
Stan Behner and Gisela Seidel
Jeanette Blinn Miskimon and Gary
Jim Christol
Townley Creighton Whalen
Joy Grosswiler Orevik
Georg Hambach
Kathi Hayes Tacony
Rusty Ralston and Nancy
Candy Rogers Reynolds
Jeanie Schmidt Cottingham
Terri Serafine Lindsey
Randy Spann
Vickey Thayer Kleinsmith and Mark


Class of 1966

Donna Enoch Christol
Bob Maynard
Duna Poteat MIller
Chuck Sloan and Tish


Class of 1967

Suzy Bek Lugerner
JoElla Black Manella and Frank
Tom Campion and Julie
Pam Canese Smith
Steve Chiocca and Sally

Fred Crowe and Barbara
Armin Glore and Diane
Karen Irwin Hook
Rick Johnson
Sue McHenry
Rick McKown and Pauline
Bo Poteat McGaughey
Nancy Rothaupt Johnson
Bill Rubendall and Valerie
Martine Silfies Bennett
Warren Thompson
Ginger Vinson Bidwell and Robert
Pat Wilkinson


Class of 1968

Anne Archer Butcher
Val Fecteau Rousey
Sharon Hopkins Barnes
Jack King
Margie Levine Weiss
Clarence Noles
Leslie McCallister Redrup and John
Allean McKay Bell
Eric Roberts and Joan Marcinko
Ron Rousey
Debbie Smith Westbrook
Bobbie Troll Heacock
Chris Watson Brice


Class of 1969

Linda Bernardo McDonough and John
Rosie Champagne
Janice Chiocca Harllee
Patty Kiely White and Ken
Allen McKay


Class of 1971

Jacquie Troll Parker



Michelle Alberg, sister of Terri Serafine Lindsey '65
Sylvia Watson Emery, younger sister of Christina Watson Brice '68
Vicki Pelfrey, friend of Carol Krueger Holben '59
Jim Rogers, brother of Candy Rogers Reynolds '65
Margret Schuman, friend of Sylvia Watson Emery
Mary Wolf, friend of Barbara Glynn Leavy '56