Baltimore Reunion Attendees
October 8-10, 2010
(faculty = 3, students = 77, spouses/friends = 30, total = 110)
and a good group it was


The OHS reunion in Baltimore (Oct 8-10, 2010) was a great success.  Lots of alumni spent time together in a lovely city, a welcoming hotel, and an awesome hospitality suite.  Hats off to Jacquie Troll Parker and her committee for doing an outstanding job.

In case you wonder about future OHS reunions:  There is a committee forming to investigate the feasibility of a reunion being held in Orleans/Paris in 2012.  Nothing is definite yet.  The conversations have just started.  I'll post details when they become available.

Thanks again to Jacquie and all the the people who attended for such a fun reunion in Baltimore.




Norm Chula
Doris Reid Chula
James Rice & Patty

Class of 1956

Pete Britt & Swiss
Mike League

Class of 1957

Tish Britt Douglas
Gayle Dover

Class of 1958

Gudrun Clem Blackmon
Kay Kintner Caldwell & Bob
Marsha Thompson Fancher
Karen Eversmeyer Skinner & Gordon

Class of 1959

George Bergen
Ed Corcoran
Barbara Rose Moore
Charlie Smith

Class of 1960

Pat Green & Mary
Gene Nettles & Nancy
Bill Veale & Debbie
Jane Kintner Williams-Hogan

Class of 1961

Stuart Butler & Rosanne
Nolie San Luis Rife & Bill
Jack Riley
Ron Weisbrod & Sheila

Class of 1962

Tom Blackburn & Peggy
Judy Nadeau Cuoco & Dan
Jim D'Amato & Margi
Bud Flette
Clark Grundler
Jeannie Astrella Harvey
Norma Hinesley Laughmiller & Sonny
Susie Huber Lowry
Pat O'Brien
Chuck Ralston
Mickey Stam
Dave Thatcher & Patti Krogmann
Luanne Begley Williams & Eric
Hurley Wilvert & Brenda

Class of 1963

Doug Butler & Dorothy
Janice Copeland Johnson
Melissa Streeter
Dianne Swannack Myers
Jack Onstott
Jud Spence

Class of 1964

Georg Hambach
Nancy Thatcher Moore
Joe Knee
Gaby Miner Knudson
Ginny Pollard Pilzer & Art
Linda Kisiel Roach & Judy Archer
Cheryl Swannack

Class of 1965

Christine Thatcher Beck
Jim Christol
Margaret Shea McCormack
Jill Grosswiler Orevik
Rusty Ralston & Nancy
Rob Stohlman & Vanda
Ray Theriault & Linda

Class of 1966

Chris Brusca & Nan
Donna Enoch Christol
Mike Feliciotti & Ginger
Duna Poteat Miller
Patty Moore
Suzie Swannack

Class of 1967

Cynthia Crumlish
Karen Irwin Hook
Suzanne Bek Lugerner
Bopeep Poteat McGaughey
Sue McHenry
Katrina Riley
Pam Canese Smith
Peggy Moore Sweeney & Bob

Class of 1968

Bobbie Troll Heacock & Jennie Griffith
Jodi Hambach McBride & Bob
Clarence Noles

Class of 1969

Rose Champagne & Tom McAuliffe
Linda Bernardo McDonough & John

Class of 1970

Carole Toman Murray & Jack

Class of 1971

Jacquie Troll Parker (our reunion organizer)

Class of 1972

Rebecca Moore Fucci

Class of 1973

Mike Wilson (last but not least)