OHS REUNION 2015
                                  CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA 
                                              1-2 NOVEMBER 2015

Current name: ______________________________________________________

Maiden name: _____________________ Nickname: _______________________

How do you want your nametag to read?


High School Graduation Year: _____ Your Years in Orleans: ________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________

Home Phone: ______________________ Cell Phone: ______________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________

The name of the person you're bringing with you:

First                          Last                                  Nametag

Amount enclosed ($120 per person): $________________ NONREFUNDABLE

Make check or money order payable to: Candice Reynolds
Mail to: Candice Reynolds; 902 Defoors Mill Circle; Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Mail now, why wait, and make your hotel reservation at the same time.  We're expecting a big turnout
so don't be the first one to hear "Sorry, we're full."  The registration fee is for the banquet dinner, the
Hospitality Room refreshments, decorations, entertainment, and incidentals such as equipment rentals. 
The banquet will have a cash bar, and the Hospitality Room will be BYOB.