Roanoke Reunion Actual Attendees
(2 faculty, 100 alumni, 34 spouses = 136 fun people)


Norm Chula
Doris Reid Chula

Class of 1955

Ron Graves and Jeanne
Bebee Jacoby Holland and Dale

Class of 1956

Mike League

Class of 1957

Don Adams and Billye
Tish Britt Douglas
Gayle Dover Church (married to Mike Church '59)
Mike Stoll and Sarah

Class of 1958

Danielle Choquette McCord
Bill Clark 
Gudrun Clem Blackmon
Val Conlin Dussor and Eddie
Karen Eversmeyer Skinner
Kay Kintner Caldwell and Bob
Bruce Meiser
Marsha Thompson Fancher 
Dianna Vaughan Rolleg

Class of 1959

Harvie Butler
Mike Church (married to Gayle Dover '57)
Ed Corcoran
Jane Crase Carlton and Glen
Buddy DePaola
Sally Dukes Folcher and Al
Frank Plichta and Sharon 
Skip Rippey Winter
Barbara Rose Moore
Charlie Smith

Class of 1960

Bobbie Baker Murphy and George
Diane Barry Smart and Neil
Jess Fowler and Donna
Pat Green and Mary
Judy Holdsworth Scott and Boo
Tim Miller and Anna May
Gene Nettles and Nancy
Judy Owens DeStefon 
Jon Streeter 
Mike Sutherland
Bill Veale and Debbie
Judy Weber Cuevas

Class of 1961

Stuart Butler 
Ann Dale Halliday and Dave 
Joan Dein Pratt and Joe
Mike Delong and Carolyn
Fran Gilchrist Sidbury
Nolie San Luis Rife and Bill
Susan Titus 

Class of 1962

Wanda Carpenter Glenn
John Cougill and Diane
Jim D'Amato (aka: Damatt) and Margi
Bud Flette 
Mark Grundler 
Susie Huber Lowry
Judy January Addington
Steve Kehoe
Charlotte Larson Neely
Donna Lawrence Manalle
Susan Mosier Dixon 
Judy Nadeau Cuoco and Dan
Marilyn Newhoff
Pat O'Brien
Chuck Ralston 
Vicci Saurbaugh Guenther and Ron
Mickey Stam
Dave Thatcher
Lynn Tyler
Hurley Wilvert and Brenda

Class of 1963

Jim Perlmutter
Jud Spence 
Becky Spicer Harrington 

Class of 1964

Howard Blakesley
Noreen Christie Fox and Charlie 
Teensy Creighton Weldon
Peggy Kane Lemons 
Joe Knee
Bill McClain and Michele
Gloria Porter Mitton and Jack
Nancy Thatcher Moore

Class of 1965

Townley Creighton Whalen
Laura Garner Nesuda  
Jill Grosswiler Orevik
Georg Hambach 
Kathi Hayes Tacony 
Charles "Wayne" Humble and Lourdes 
Karen Kirk Garber
Rusty Ralston and Nancy
Candy Rogers Reynolds
Jeanie Schmidt Cottingham and Tom 
Margaret Shea McCormack
Malcolm Spicer and Jean 
Rob Stohlman and Vanda
Christine Thatcher Beck
Mary Anne Thune Lasko

Class of 1966

Evi Dellaghelfa Paolillo
Roger Nelson 
Duna Poteat Miller 

Class of 1967

Armin Glore  
Geela Poteat McGaughey 

Class of 1968

Jodi Hambach McBride 
Clarence Noles
Bobbie Troll Heacock

Class of 1971

Jacquie Troll Parker