Gladsome Reunion, by Bitsy Caballero -- 9/3/006
Aye, if I could see you now
I would feel complete
As if some circle had been closed
Upon a lifetime sweet
But knowing you will gather there
and dance and laugh and talk and share
with memíries flowing everywhere
for all of you it will be neat
Oh, well.
Gosh, if I could be there now
I wonder what youíd think
Where has the young girl disappeared
The time seems only like a blink
You often filter through my mind
OHSers I left behind
Forever young and quite sublime
But all of us in sync
Sigh.  Well, if I could be there now
Iíd tell you what I know
Through all these years of history
How youíve helped me grow
Because of you, my classmates dear
My eyes were opened, I could hear
And I could put aside my fear
To move through life just so.
But let me say how wonderful
Looking back with you to that time when
We were young and beautiful
guys, díyou how great itís been?
But in my mind youíre still sixteen
Football jocks and beauty queens
How did I get so old?  Obscene!
But weíre still together, friend to friend.
Even though I canít be there
To laugh and talk and dance and share
Iím there in spirit, and I care
And wonder why itís not so fair Ö
We each accomplished much and more
And thereís still a lot for us in store