Roanoke reunion report card


This is where I will post feedback from those who attended the reunion.  If you weren't there, I hope that what you read makes you realize that you are missing something very special, and that you'd better get yourself to the next one.  The most recent additions to this page will be at the top.

Hey Dave,
I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in pulling off a great reunion in Roanoke. You, Pat Green, Gudrun Clem, Rusty Ralston and all the others did a great job. Please pass on my thanks to the others. Say hi to Nancy for me. None of these would happen without your tireless effort and dedication. I'm really looking forward to the next one, no matter where it is.  When Roger and I got back from Roanoke, there was an email waiting from Kris Frye '67 in Florida. We got to talking back and forth about past reunions and she sent me this group picture we had taken. It was the first time I'd ever seen it.  It was in Crystal City, just outside DC, in 1975. It wasn't very organized, mostly spread by word of mouth among people in the DC area. I think one of the alumni worked at a radio station and somehow got it on the air.  It was only for one day and was a pretty small affair by today's standards.  Rusty, Bruce Stohlman and I thought you might want to put in on the web site. I'll send you a separate email with picture and list attached. Looking forward to more photos from Roanoke. Take care, C-ya.
Warmest regards,  Armin Glore '67  

The photo of the 1975 reunion group is shown below, along with a list of the attendees.  I will find a better place on the website for it, but so you can enjoy it now, I'll just plop it here.  I've left it full-sized so you can see all the faces better.  You'll have to scroll around to see them all.


attendee photo.jpg (768972 bytes)     1975 REUNION ATTENDEES LIST


After returning home from the OHS 2006 reunion in Roanoke, I tried to explain to my friends at home, the feelings that materialized within me then, and at all the others I had attended since 1985.
My present friends always have an answer when the big question about where they are from comes up.  We don't.
My present friends can contact their high school friends at any time, by running into them at the grocery store, or by calling them in the same city.  We can't.
My childhood friends have reunions in cities in which we never lived.  The classmates stay in the same hotel and enjoy each others' company all weekend. We revel in each others' company so much that the other folks registered in the hotel want to join our group.  (That happened many times at the Hotel Roanoke.)  We look forward to the next reunion because we enjoy our past, and cannot wait to talk about the present and future with all of our long-term friends again. We have a bond set many years ago, that thrives in the stories of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  A bond that encompasses all who ever were a part of this experience; whatever year that was.
I'm glad I have my background instead of the boring one I envied during my early years.  This is yet another example of how we should be grateful for what we have.
I feel sorry for anyone who could not join us in Roanoke.  We missed you, but had fun anyway!  2008 will be even better!
Thanks to Dave and the "real" workers who put the 2006 reunion on for us!  We do appreciate it.
Fran Gilchrist Sidbury  (1961)

I think Kathy Davis was not mentioned during the moment of silence, so here's to Kathy.
While waiting at the airport for the shuttle, I met Joe Knee.  He turned out to be a nice guy who smiles a lot, a good quality.  He said that night, that he had not been to a reunion before, didn't know what to wear or what he would do, so he brought some books to read.  I told him it didn't matter what he wore, and that he would probably have a good time.  About forty minutes later I met him in the bar lounge.  He had his book, but that was the last time he carried it.  At the Saturday dance, he made an interesting observation.  He said to me, "There are no crazy people here".  I thought that called for a bit of an explanation,  so I asked him if he had not yet met Marilyn Newhoff and Judy January.  No No No girls, you know I'm half kidding.  Anyway, I said Joe, what do you mean?  This is basically what he said.  "I work for the city of Seattle and I deal with all kinds of people.  I can usually tell what someone is going to do before they know what they are going to do.  No one here is trying to prove anything to anyone.  No one is trying to make a statement, or outshine anyone.  You folks are here because you truly like each other and you just enjoy being together. Simple as that is, it is simultaneously profound, because the truly like each other part goes much deeper than can be easily understood by a lot of people.  As for me,  I enjoyed myself a lot.
Steve Kehoe  1959 - 1962 (Class of 62)


Hi everyone,
It was a great reunion and very nice to meet all of you. I have to admit, I didn't remember anyone, but that really didn't matter. I felt like I made some new friends. Army "brats" are the nicest people.
Thank you, Dave, for all of your efforts, you have done a fantastic job of keeping everyone together. And Candy, thank you for saving me a seat at dinner even though I pooped out. Also Chuck, I love the brats pin. It was great to have at least a couple of people there from 1968 so it was nice to meet you Bobbie. And George and I enjoyed having Mac and his wife at our dinner table.
I understand there were requests for ideas on where to hold the next reunion. I was thinking of two locations. Chatanooga, Tn. has a fun hotel called the Chatanooga Choo Choo. It is actually several old train cars. Kind of fun. And, New Orleans is a fun idea. The French Quarter is Katrina damage. Both of these places are about 3 hours from me but I could help.
So, hope all of you continue to stay healthy and sane (??). Especially Chuck (Ralston)....the rest of your year better improve. I'll be thinking of you.
Jodi (Hambach) McBride (Class of 68)


Dear Margaret (Marge Shea, Class of 65),  
It was great to see you, looking very much as you did back in Orléans.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get the time together that I would've liked - which means we will have to get together again, soon.  We had a very good time and can honestly say,  "it is one of the best for us, including the 1990 one in Orléans".  You kids know how to throw a party!   Doris Reid Chula (faculty)