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LONDON (Reuters) With the Olympics just days away, London is braced for extreme excitement, drama and unprecedented numbers of tourists. Aside from the sporting spectacle, visitors experience will be enhanced if they embrace all the customs, quirks and idiosyncrasies that define the British way of life. Be Careful Who You Shop WithShopping for many women is a social experience. Thats fine as long as youre window shopping. It's just like when you run out of energy and need a boost. You feed your body with energizing nutrition.. So, where does India exactly stand here? Shoppers Stop sells ladies innerwear from 169 to 1,999, a ratio of 8.9. In handbags, the range is even wider from 626 to 6,399, a ratio of 10.2. michael by Michael Kors outlet factors to be considered when shopping for fragrances for women This is the Mus de la Contrefa (Museum of Counterfeiting), a fascinating five room short course in the history of knock offs, counterfeits and blatant infringements. The burgeoning trade in fakes annually costs France alone an estimated 38,000 jobs and 6 billion euros (roughly $8.5 billion at current exchange rates) according to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, that's just a small corner of the $650 billion a year in revenue, taxes and jobs that business, governments and individuals lose at the hands of those who trade in counterfeit goods.. The goal was to identify opportunities that would improve the leverage of our expense structure without negatively affecting our ability to support and achieve our growth objectives. As a result of that review, in January, we eliminated 22 positions primarily in our corporate staff areas and we will be implementing a number of non personnel related expense reduction measures. In April 2011, VIP Skybags launched a TVC that opened on the shot of a bear which is sad because it thinks that it does not look good. After driving around with an old and worn out bag, it walks into a Skybags store. A girl can wear it with her bangs hanging out, then you can wear it with the cap sticking out for a "robin hood" look. You can pull up the sides of it to create a half hat or you can wear it to the side. Cindi Leive, editor of Glamour, predicts that heavily beaded and sequined "Dynasty inspired looks" are over. "There's been a turn away from the extreme, in your face over opulence, when the whole point of an outfit was to say 'I've got more money than you can shake a stick at,' " says Leive. 4, 2009 in New York. Shoppers grappling with rising layoffs and shrinking retirement accounts dug deep into survival mode last month, leading to sharp January sales declines for many retailers. With cellphones an essential part of every girl's wardrobe, it's no longer enough to have the coolest hardware. You need the right ring tone, the right case and now you need the right wallpaper tooYes, that tiny rectangle that lights up when you open your phone is the latest piece of real estate in the style biz"The same way it's the accessories that make an outfit in fashion, it's the accessories that make a phone," says Rebecca Parkinson, a 21 year old design consultant with crazyfunbabe, a Winnipeg company that creates cheeky cellphone graphics for the teen girl marketThink of it as portable custom design: Instead of putting your message on a T shirt, you can wear your heart on your screen.